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Invest in Pennsylvania | Property in Philadelphia

Predaj, Rodinný dom, Philadelphia,

Cena: 120.000 USD

Údaje nehnuteľnosti

ID nehnuteľnosti: 1318
Katalógové číslo: oppeph695
Druh ponuky: Predaj
Druh nehnuteľnosti: Rodinný dom
Mesto/obec: Philadelphia

Popis nehnuteľnosti

Real estate investment in Philadelphia Choose a safe investment in the USA This Philadelphia property has an area of 102,57 m2 (1104 ft2). It consists of 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and is offered with the first year of free Property Management.
The property produces a net yield of $ 8.616,00, equivalent to an annuity rate of 7,18% on the total investment value of $ 120.000,00.
Why invest in a property in Philadelphia? Philadelphia is the main city in Pennsylvania, among the 10 most populous cities in the United States and ranks eighth among American metropolises in terms of GDP. Philadelphia was chosen as the headquarters of 5 Fortune 1000, the one thousand US companies with the highest turnover and is home to over 80 colleges and universities, including one of the founding universities of the Ivy League, the University of Pennsylvania. The large influx of students interested in an academic career in this area has made Philadelphia the center with the third largest concentration of students on the East Coast. It is also necessary to consider the strong technological and entrepreneurial attractiveness that universities have always had on the US economy. The city therefore not only attracts students but many highly specialized entrepreneurs, professionals and operators.
In addition, the city attracts more and more tourists, thanks to its rich history and its status as the first capital of the United States as well as a nerve center during the war of independence.
Just 11 km from the city center and well connected by the state rail service, there is also Philadelphia International Airport, one of the busiest hubs in the world in terms of aircraft handling. The Airport is the main hub for American Airlines international flights and serves numerous destinations in the USA, but also in the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Mexico etc.
In Philadelphia we usually propose to invest in areas where there are important public and private urban regeneration projects. These generally follow the growth trend of the university, research and technological services areas and have the main purpose of offering new residential areas to the growing influx of skilled workers. As a rule, this process therefore involves a change in the typology of residents with a positive effect on rental income. The yields will be particularly interesting while to obtain the maximum capital gain it will be necessary to wait for the whole district to be redeveloped.
If you intend to make a medium to long-term investment in the US to benefit from a significant income, this property in Philadelphia represents an excellent investment opportunity.
Invest with us in a property in the United States Since 2008 we have been offering investors the opportunity to purchase high and solid profitability properties. These are homes of affordable value, already renovated and rented to American tenants selected on the basis of their financial strength, of which the investor becomes the one and only owner. In this way, these properties are able to produce a rental income from the first day as well as being placed in markets that register interesting opportunities for capital gains over time. We also offer complete assistance for the entire length of the investment. From the choice of the location where to invest based on the needs in terms of investment duration, to the creation of the company with which to make the investment. From the support throughout the purchase procedure in total simplicity and transparency, to the complete management of the property, up to the eventual resale.


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