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Invest in Florida | Property in Punta Gorda

Predaj, Apartmán, Port Charlotte,

Cena: 155.000 USD

Údaje nehnuteľnosti

ID nehnuteľnosti: 1348
Katalógové číslo: opflpo710
Druh ponuky: Predaj
Druh nehnuteľnosti: Apartmán
Mesto/obec: Port Charlotte

Popis nehnuteľnosti

Property in Punta Gorda Invest in the United States in one of our properties
This Punta Gorda property produces an annual net income of $ 11,400.00, matching a net rate of return of 7,35%, on the $ 155,000.00 value of the investment, plus the first year of free Property Management.
The property has an area of 89.19 m2 and has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is already equipped with the amenities listed above. In addition, the residential complex in which it’s located offers the services highlighted above.
The balcony definitely helps in relaxing from a stressful day with a wooded, private view. Tamiami Trail is less than one mile away from the property: it is an important roadway that connects Miami with Naples, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. Port Charlotte Middle School, located just 1.9 miles from the property, is one of the best within Charlotte County.
Why investing in a property in Punta Gorda? Zillow (one of the leading US online portals for buying and selling residential properties) revealed how the value of real estate in Punta Gorda has increased by an average of 7% in recent years. Capital of Charlotte County, Punta Gorda is a seaside resort located in southwest Florida, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and home to a large port that offers access to various nautical activities and a picturesque waterfront.
Thanks to an ambitious urban renewal work, the city is seeing an expansion of residential districts and the birth of numerous personal services. In Punta Gorda, moreover, you can find renowned golf courses and a series of historic buildings registered in the National Register of Historic Places, as well as numerous nature parks that offer families suggestive experiences with animals.
If you intend to buy to make a short to medium-term investment, this property is particularly suitable, considering the international attraction exercised by this location.
Invest with us in a property in the United States Since 2008 we have been offering investors the opportunity to purchase high and solid profitability properties. These are homes of affordable value, already renovated and rented to American tenants selected on the basis of their financial strength, of which the investor becomes the one and only owner. In this way, these properties are able to produce a rental income from the first day as well as being placed in markets that register interesting opportunities for capital gains over time. We also offer complete assistance for the entire length of the investment. From the choice of the location where to invest based on the needs in terms of investment duration, to the creation of the company with which to make the investment. From the support throughout the purchase procedure in total simplicity and transparency, to the complete management of the property, up to the eventual resale.


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