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Invest in Michigan | Invest today in Detroit

Prodej, Rodinný dům, Detroit,

Cena: 91.000 USD

Údaje nemovitosti

ID nemovitosti: 1274
Katalogové číslo: opmide678
Druh nabídky: Prodej
Druh nemovitosti: Rodinný dům
Město/obec: Detroit

Popis nemovitosti

Choose to invest in Detroit Among the most profitable and safe real estate investments in the USA. Investing in Detroit in one of the real estate investments we offer is an excellent solution for those looking for high yields and security: we offer carefully selected properties in areas located on average just 20 minutes from the Downtown financial district, already renovated and rented and therefore able to generate an income from day one.
This Detroit property is for sale at $ 91.000,00 and generates an annual net yield of 8,47 %, equivalent to $ 7.704,00, thanks to monthly rents of $ 800,00. It has an area of 706 square feet (65,59 square meters) and includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and is already complete with the aforementioned amenities. In addition, the first year of Property Management is free.
Why invest in a property in Detroit? The county seat of Wayne County, Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan. With over 670,000 inhabitants and nearly 4.3 million residents in its metropolitan area, it is among the 20 most populous cities in the US.
It is the second largest economy in the Midwest, immediately after Chicago and the influx of numerous companies, not only in the automotive sector, exerts a positive influence on GDP, as well as generating a strong demand for employment for specialized figures.
Detroit successfully came out from the default in 2014 and the city administration launched an ambitious redevelopment program, financed by both the government and private entrepreneurs.
The city has aimed to diversify its economy, attracting leading companies also active in the finance and services sectors. It hosts, for example, the offices of Deloitte, Quicken Loans and DTE Energy, and hosts 5 companies belonging to the Fortune 1000 list, the largest one thousand American companies by turnover. Among these, of particular importance is General Motors, among the 20 maxi companies in all of the USA.
The stable economic recovery of recent years has gone hand in hand with a redevelopment of the city's architecture and also of its real estate market: Detroit is today the first city in the USA for LED public lighting and has seen green areas grow exponentially and the public greenhouses made available to its citizens: the local administration has therefore also given some importance to the aesthetic aspect of the new town planning.
Overall, the city is changing and evolving, summing up its traditional role as the economic center and locomotive of the Midwest. This wave of renovation and development has led us to choose to offer high-yield real estate investments in Detroit, selected in the areas of the city with the best growth rates and prospects, taking into consideration all the elements that contribute to making a real estate investment excellent: location, development of the area, profile of residents, increase in demand, yield and prospects for capital gains.
If you intend to make a medium-long term high-yield real estate investment in the USA, investing in the properties we offer in Detroit represents a strategic choice, thanks not only to the high yield, but also to the careful selection of the areas in which the "Renaissance of Detroit” is a reality.
Invest with us in a property in the United States Since 2008 we have been offering investors the opportunity to purchase high and solid profitability properties. These are homes of affordable value, already renovated and rented to American tenants selected on the basis of their financial strength, of which the investor becomes the one and only owner. In this way, these properties are able to produce a rental income from the first day as well as being placed in markets that register interesting opportunities for capital gains over time. We also offer complete assistance for the entire length of the investment. From the choice of the location where to invest based on the needs in terms of investment duration, to the creation of the company with which to make the investment. From the support throughout the purchase procedure in total simplicity and transparency, to the complete management of the property, up to the eventual resale.


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